We have one very exciting announcement…drum roll please…WE ARE TURNING 10! It is with great pride that we celebrate a decade of Ancient Greek Sandals. When we launched this brand back in 2012, it was beyond our wildest dreams that we would be celebrating such a milestone and we are grateful for each and every customer over the last decade for coming on this journey with us.

In celebration of this milestone, we are celebrating with a very special capsule collection. Which is inspired by Ancient Greece’s most enduring and culturally valuable gifts to the world, it’s awe-inspiring, bewildering sculpture.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

The Anniversary Capsule Collection celebrates with 10 new designs [one for each year!] that have been inspired by 10 of the most priceless Greek sculptures that are currently housed in the world’s most prestigious museums such as; The Louvre in Paris, The British Museum in London, Altes Museum in Berlin, Muse?e d’art et d’histoire in Geneva, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Ancient Greek Sandals celebrates its 10th anniversary with a capsule collection inspired by one of Ancient Greece’s most enduring and culturally valuable gifts to the world: its sculpture.

This collection strives to honour the importance of Greek History, Mythology and Art -one of Greece’s most esteemed exports. With design details that pay homage to intricate motifs found on such sculptures, finding beauty in their exceptional details and fusing these iconic sculptures to a unique, modern and refreshed design on these limited-edition sandals.

The collection is made for everyone and anyone, the Greek sandal has always been and remains the world’s most democratic footwear. With each step our footwear takes, Ancient Greek Sandals brings its cultural heritage into the future and further across the world.

Ancient Greek Sandals co-founder, Christina Martini collaborated with art historian and friend, Xenia Ventikou, and together they researched the famous sculptures finding huge amounts of inspiration in such exceptional details. A variation of different techniques and materials such as clay beads, metallic ornaments, gold stamping, pleating, embroidery, and braiding have all been used to celebrate the intricate designs of this collection. Each style also has just one colour option either in off white, natural or a mix of golds

Using details such as; the magnificent wings of The Winged Victory of Samothrace found in the Louvre, inspired the idea to use real feathers painted in gold for our famous ‘Ikaria’ style. The draped skirt of the ‘sought after’ Caryatid found in the British Museum is transformed into a stylish slide. The snake bracelet seen on the arm of the Statue of a Crouching Venus is used as an anklet on a simple off white style and the hairstyle of Kore d’Auxerre gave the idea for the straps of our iconic Eleftheria sandal. A pyramid neckless depicted on a ceramic figurine featuring Centaur with a Nymph has been used as a metallic decoration on an ankle strap style. Lastly, wrap around ankle-tie sandals found on two sculpture of Artemis The Hunter were replicated to create almost identical styles. We are so excited for you to discover this new collection!

“We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate 10 years of Ancient Greek Sandals. When we started the brand, it was impossible to imagine that people around the world would wear our handmade sandals. People know about Greece because of its mythology and statues which are found in every archaeological museum around the world”. – Christina Martini & Nikolas Minoglou, Co-founders of Ancient Greek Sandals.

Once again, a huge thank you to all Ancient Greek Sandals customers for supporting on this exciting journey. We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 10th Birthday and cannot wait to show you what else Ancient Greek Sandals has in store.