Zeus + Dione

This month sees the launch of our latest, and one of our most exciting, collaborations to date, with iconic fellow Greek brand Zeus + Dione

Zeus + Dione
Friday 02 April 2021

This month sees the launch of our latest, and one of our most exciting, collaborations to date, with iconic fellow Greek brand Zeus + Dione. Founded in 2012, Zeus + Dione represent all that we hold dear to our hearts at the core of Ancient Greek Sandals - a love of our rich shared history, respect for our ancient culture, and most importantly, the passion to continue traditional craftsmanship in the form in which it was intended. Zeus + Dione hand-make each item of clothing in Greece using local artists and workshops, and together we are working to keep this craft at the forefront of the fashion industry.

2021 is a momentous year for Greece, as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek War Revolution, which led to the country’s liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Two centuries of Greek independence is cause for celebration, and how better to honour it than a shared tribute with Marios Schwab, the Greek-Austrian newly appointed design director of Zeus + Dione, who formerly ran his own namesake label, a mainstay of London Fashion Week.

“Initially it came as a surprise that both Marios and I were researching the Greek revolution for our upcoming Spring Summer collections. In particular the traditional costumes worn during this time and the fierce female warriors. It’s the second time that Ancient Greek Sandals has collaborated with Marios Schwab with whom we speak the same language, share the same aesthetics and share the same love for our heritage. Our ideas complimented each other, and the collection was built beautifully and harmoniously.” Christina Martini, Co-founder and Designer of Ancient Greek Sandals.

If you have travelled to Athens, you may be familiar with the site of the Evzones of the Greek Presidential Guard, who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Presidential Mansion. Their beautiful traditional costumes are a wonderful testament to the long-lasting importance and tenacity of our country’s leather craftsmanship. These statuesque guards (they are required to be at least 6’1” tall to enrol!) make for a striking sight in their pristine white uniforms, and easily distinguishable shoes, known as Tsarouchi.

The Tsarouchi, which have been worn by the guards for two centuries, were the perfect source of inspiration for this collaboration. Traditionally made from stiff leather with visible hand stitches, we have applied this aesthetic to three styles - a slide, a back strap, and a lace up. Employing the Evzones’ colours of deep red, white and black, these limited edition styles prove to be an everlasting classic.

Our new 8s style is available as both a slide and a lace up, and it too sports details of the Evzones, in the form of delicate military braiding, this time in monochrome.

The Greek heritage wave motif, instantly recognisable, has been stamped onto leather for our Dinami Wave and the Wave Clog.

Finally, the Harness Clog and the Harness Slide interpret the aforementioned braiding in a host of colours, contrasting beautifully with the natural vachetta leather sole.