Ancient Greek Sandals Covid-19 Commitment

We have always eschewed a strong commitment to our home country, the one that has provided us not only with our homes and our colleagues, but also endless inspiration and joy. We are honoured to be partnering with the nonprofit organisation DESMOS during this difficult time, to bring a little relief to our healthcare system here in Greece.


Ancient Greek Sandals x Le Sirenuse

Few destinations capture the romantic summer sensibility of Ancient Greek Sandals quite like Positano’s legendary Le Sirenuse hotel. A former private residence, colours and intricate tile work abound in this rare, cliff-side gem nestled into the Amalfi coast. Think lemon trees dotted around a terracotta tiled terrace, and deep scarlet painted walls adorned with white frescoes. Put simply, this is a place that oozes glamour and provides the perfect backdrop for long, lazy summer evenings, and perennially chic holidays.

Keep Ιt Fresh and Healthy! Cook with AGS

Continuing our series of Greek-inspired recipes for you to try at home, we present to you our second recipe in conjunction with Christina Kotsileliou. A long-time friend of the brand, Christina is known for her fresh, simple takes on vegetarian cooking with a twist. We invite you to cook alongside us and share your efforts on Instagram with #CookwithAGS

How to: Style your sandals at home!

Working from home doesn’t have to mean an endless rotation of old, worn out leggings, or staying in your pyjamas from noon to night (though more on that later). As we enter our second - or for some of us, third or fourth - month of working from home, it might be time to boost your mood with some new styling tweaks.


During this difficult time, we are finding comfort in not only the ritual of cooking, but in sharing recipes with families and friends. If you are fortunate enough to have access to fresh food (and we sincerely hope you all do) we invite you to cook alongside us as we share some of our favourite Greek recipes, made with simple and few ingredients

Our #AGS Playlist is live!

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with our very own Ancient Greek Sandals playlist. Inspired by our Greek roots, we bring the islands to you with our selection of summery tracks. Listen anytime and anywhere, it’s even available for download.


Continuing our special series of summer collaborations, we are thrilled to bring you Ancient Greek Sandals x Lucy Folk.


Continuing our love affair with our native Greek islands, we present to you our new Schinousa sandals. As our founder Christina took inspiration from her travels, we share with you our top tips for visiting the hidden islands of the Cyclades


It’s no secret that we have a wealth of cultural inspiration to draw from in our beautiful home country of Greece. This season, our founder Christina looked to the lesser-explored Cyclades islands - a group teeming with pure white marble, sandy shores and a seductively azure coast. She found herself enchanted by their wild beauty, the extreme terrain (think steep cliffs plunging directly to the water) and the natural sea caves.